Purposeful Pages: September Edition

Hi. Yeah. I know. It’s been a while. It turns out that all good intentions of writing and keeping a blog going dissolve when school starts back up again. But hopefully this time I’ll keep on it. *is determined*

Anyway, on to Purposeful Pages! There was supposed to be a few post between August’s and Septembers, but September’s moving to a close and I didn’t want to miss out on doing this again.

Purposeful Pages Meme

What is Purposeful Pages? Purposeful Pages is a monthly link-up designed to unite bloggers on answering questions about life, blogging, the Bible, writing, and books.

It’s hosted by Amanda at Scattered Journal Pages and Hannah at Furious Ever Afters. Both their blogs are really cool and you should check them out.

Question One // How have you been growing spiritually this month? What has God been teaching you? I’m not really sure on this one. This month has been really stressful, with school starting and all that, but I’d like to say I’ve been learning to trust Him and go to Him in prayer. But that’s what I’d like to say and what I hope is the truth, but I do not know that it is.

Question Two // When you’re under stress, what actions do you take that help calm you and keep you sane? Tea. Much tea. Especially rooibos. Never underestimate the power of a cup of Carrot Cake Rooibos. Also long talks with my dad. And making sure I get an adequate amount of sleep. Sleep is important.

Question Three // Who are some people that inspire you, and in what ways do they do that? Do these people need to be dead? Because there’s a lot of dead people who inspire me. (That came out a little wrong…) Anyway, for those that are dead it would be J.R.R. Tolkien and St. Elizabeth, Grand Duchess of Russia. J.R.R. Tolkien because he was pretty much everything I would like to be one day (except that I have no desire to become a father). He was a philologist, a professor, a writer, an inventor of languages, and the creator of Middle-earth. Then St. Elizabeth because of her life. (I’ll probably do a post on it at a later date.) I wouldn’t have chosen her as my patron saint if she didn’t inspire me. As for the living it would have to be older OYANers. At the Summer Workshop the majority of the friends that I made were older than me by several years, and while a lot of the time we were at the same level (if that makes sense), there would be times where they would do or say something that was truly mature and that was when I first realized that I wanted to be like that. They’re really the first role models I’ve had other than my parents and older adults. And now because I can’t answer a question like this without throwing in a fictional character, I’m going to say Hermione Granger, from Harry Potter. But I won’t elaborate because this has gotten quite long already.

Question Four // Have you learned any tricks this past month that have helped you in your blogging journey? Um… don’t procrastinate? When you write the note that says ‘blog post’ on your schedule don’t ignore it? I’m afraid the only thing worthwhile I have to say is if you’re trying to write a post for weeks and it’s not working, set it aside and write something different. And yes, I’m attempting to convince myself here.

Question Five // What is it about a book that makes you keep on reading? If you’re a writer, how can you  incorporate that into your own books? The characters. When I care about the characters. Even when the plot’s dumb, if I still love the characters, if they’re vividly real, I’ll finish the book, and probably enjoy it, too. So I guess a way to incorporate it would be to really focus in on making my charries real people, to me as well as to my reader.

Question Six // What’s a book cover (or album, movie, etc.) that describes your life right now, and why? Um… I’m not sure. I honestly can’t think of any off the top of my head.

Question Seven // Do you have a song in mind that you’d consider your current theme song? (Or a book, movie, TV show, etc.) Well, that’s constantly changing. It’s kind of a total of three songs right now. The Call, by Regina Spektor; Something Wild, by Lindsey Stirling and Andrew McMahon (written for Pete’s Dragon); and To the Dreamers, by For King and Country.

Question Eight // If you’re a writer, how do you see yourself incorporated (most of the time unknowingly) inside your stories? If it’s unknowingly, how would I see it? I actually haven’t written a lot of stories yet, and none of them are finished. But, as far as I can see, I put bits and pieces of myself into each of the characters. Maggie might play with her necklace when nervous. Sarah crosses her arms. Nina has slightly inappropriate timing when it comes to jokes. Gregory is over protective of his sister. Things like that.

Question Nine // How have you seen aspects of God’s character through other people recently? I’ve seen an outpouring of love. If someone asks for prayer, instantly there’s an army of people praying for them. A mysterious somebody sending anonymous encouraging letters to people. Someone was feeling down and so a whole bunch of people spammed her status feed with messages of love. Someone I met only recently walking a quarter mile in 90 degree heat just to bring me a pie for my birthday. Small, random acts of selflessness and love.

Question Ten // How long, on average, does it take you to put together a blog post? Are you the morning person working at 5 am, the afternoon blogger, or the night owl up until midnight trying to throw things together? Heh. Ideally I’m the afternoon person. Actually, if everything was perfect, it’d all be written up two days before I meant to post it. But considering that this is being written at 10:52 PM, and most of the other posts have been on a similar schedule, I think I’m the night owl.

So that was that. What are your guys’ thoughts on it? Also, if you haven’t checked out Amanda and Hannah’s blogs yet, you should. *nods* I’m going to leave it at that, since it is practically 11 where I am. Goodnight!


Purposeful Pages: August Edition

Purposeful Pages Meme

What is Purposeful Pages? Purposeful Pages is a monthly link-up designed to unite bloggers on answering questions about life, blogging, the Bible, writing, and books.

It was started, as far as I know, by Amanda at Scattered Journal Pages and Hannah at Furious Ever Afters. I found out about it through Jonny doing it here and thought that it sounded like fun, especially as I try to find things to write about on here. Anyhow, on to the questions.

Question One // What book of the Bible has taught you the most this month?
Proverbs. Near the beginning of this month, I (tried) to read a chapter a day. Traveling messed with that, but when I did manage to read I learned a lot, even from the sections that wouldn’t seem to apply to me.

Question Two // How would you react if you were in the positions of either Esther, if you’re a girl, or Daniel, if you’re a guy?
I’m not entirely sure. I hope that I would do the right thing, but I’m not sure that I would. I mean, it’s easy enough to sit here in my bedroom and say “I would be brave and do exactly what Esther did!”, but in reality there’s a very good chance that I wouldn’t do anything.

Question Three // If you could have a book character for a sibling, who would it be, and what makes you two alike?
0_0 So many good book characters! I honestly have no idea. (A sign of growing up with only brothers: When you think ‘sibling’, your mind immediately jumps to all the guy characters) Um… Probably Peter Pevensie, from the Chronicles of Narnia. Both of us are the oldest in our respective families, and both of us would do anything for our younger siblings.

Question Four // If you’re a novelist, answer: How would your main character most likely spend his or her Friday night? If you’re not a novelist, answer: How would you most likely spend your Friday night?
Depends. If it’s during the school year, he’d most likely be doing homework. If it’s not, probably watching TV, reading, or talking with his grandmother. Of course, during the events of the story his Friday nights are spent tracking down the bad guy…

Question Five // What are the top three books you’re just dying to read?
The sequel to Claervont Captive, by Bryce Roberts. I don’t remember it’s exact title at the moment, but the first was so good and it’s coming out soon and I can’t wait! Then there’s Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, by Jack Thorne. It’s a play version of a new Harry Potter story by J.K. Rowling and the writing and production of the play were overseen by her. Technically I’ve already read the first half sitting in a bookstore, but I really enjoyed it and I can’t wait to read the rest. Finally there’s My Name is Asher Lev, by Chaim Potok. It got an amazing review (here’s a link) from my friend, and I’m both scared and dying to read it.

Question Six // Can you briefly share the story behind your blog’s name?
Well, I ramble a lot and I’m a pilgrim on the Way… in a little more depth, when I started thinking about having a blog, I was at a loss for a name, besides ‘Ramblings’, then I saw Traveling the Way sitting on my floor and the name sort of popped into my head. Or at least, I think that’s what happened. It’s been over a year since then.

Question Seven // What do you consider to be your blog’s “branding,” or signature? What sets your blog or social media platform apart from others?
I don’t know yet, probably because I just started it. Probably what’s different right now is that there is absolutely no rhyme or reason to the topics.

Question Eight // Who are a few of your favorite bloggers?
A few? Well, I guess I don’t follow that many blogs.
Abby, at A Glimpse of Starlight
Jonny, at Fishing for Ideas
Aidan, at Story Forger
and Alexandra, at A Pen for the King

Question Nine // If you could go on a road trip of your dreams, where would you go and who would you spend time with?
I would go to the One Year Adventure Novel Summer Workshop and I would go with OYANers.

Question Ten // Using five words or less, tell a story.
Romani Christianos proter fidem occiderunt. May be cheating, but no one said it had to be in English.

That was fun. I definitely look forward to doing this again next month. What did you think?