Story Update // Character Profiles

Hello everyone! I just realized that I haven’t talked about my book in forever, and there’s been a ton of progress. Characters have been added and taken away, the plot’s undergone at least two major changes. (Credit to the amazing Savannah for brainstorming help) Most notably, there’s another main character! So here you go, the character profiles of the two MCs and the villain!

Character Profiles

Here’s a quick story refresher.

Nina’s world is turned upside down when her father is killed in a hit-and-run, but things only get worse when she is kidnapped by her father’s estranged brother Matt. 
Once Christopher learns that his little godsister is being held for ransom, he takes off after her – with her mother in the backseat. 
Can Nina escape, and can Christopher and her mother find her before it’s too late?

That’s a little out of date, but it’ll do for now.

It’s a road trip type contemporary adventure, originally meant as a light, fun story, but turning darker as I try and plot it.

Pinterest board: “Smoothie Story” (Warning: all my Pinterest story boards are about to undergo a complete re haul, so it’s going to be a bit of a construction site for a little bit)


Nina Thompson
Name: Nina Thompson
Age: 16
Personality type: ISTJ

Nina lives with her parents (until the events of the story kick off, that is). She dreams of being a lawyer, like her father. She tends to be a very practical, get the job done sort person, preferring to not beat around the bush. She’s very good at not procrastinating (I envy her). Her heart bleeds when she sees the suffering and injustice her – that’s one of her reasons for becoming a lawyer. She wants to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. Ironically, she’s not so good at that when it comes to herself. She often caves to peer pressure when with people who pretend to be her friends, then beats herself up over it afterwards, beyond the point of what could be considered reasonable. She’s a perfectionist, wants everything to be just so and in order, and she takes failure very hard. She listens to music all the time, and even more when she wants to get away.

Pinterest board: Character – Nina

Christopher 1
He needs to be a bit older, but this is the closest photo I’ve found.

Name: Christopher (I’m afraid a last name is still rather lacking)
Age: 19
Personality type: ENFP

Christopher’s very laid back and just an overall happy person. He plays the guitar, and it’s his dream to one day make a living as a musician. Before the story starts, he’s gearing up to go to college on a major scholarship. He’s very close with his godsister, Nina, and is one of the few people who can draw her out of her “I’m serious and going to get on to business and we don’t need to laugh” shell. He has a very optimistic look on life, but is absolutely terrifying when pushed too far. He feels horribly guilty if someone gets hurt through his actions or inaction, and will do almost anything to prevent that from happening.

Pinterest board: Character – Christopher

MattMatthew Thompson
Name: Matthew “Matt” Thompson
Age: he’s an adult? I never picked one.
Personality type: still figuring that one out.

Matt Thompson is the villain of the story. He’s also the one I currently have the most backstory on. He’s the younger brother, his older brother Jonathan being Nina’s father. There was some severe favoritism when he was a child, his brother getting all the attention and him just pushed to the back. When he went off to college, he quickly tried to differentiate between himself and his brother (who was getting very good grades and well on the track to becoming a lawyer), getting involved in the party scene and gambling away any money he had. His parents cut all ties from him and died shortly thereafter. He dropped out of college, but continued on in the same vein, gambling, drinking, and getting together a sophisticated ‘gang’ of sorts. Soon he got so far in debt that he went to his older, much more successful and recently married brother and asked him for money. Jonathan gave it to him, on the one one condition that he stay far away from his wife and newborn daughter. This continued on for many years before Jonathan finally said enough is enough. Matt arranged a car accident, and the rest is spoilers.

Pinterest board: Character – Matt

And there you have it. My three main players in the “smoothie story” as it currently stands.

What did you think? Do the characters seem realistic to you? (If they don’t, could you tell me what doesn’t?) Also, if you have the personality type of one of my characters, please come tell me random things about your type!!



3 thoughts on “Story Update // Character Profiles

  1. Ooh ooh I do rather like this. Very unique characters idea. And I LOVE that her mother comes along with Christopher rather than the cliche ‘mother stays at home being completely useless while a bunch of teens save the world.’

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  2. LOVED reading this, Brianna! It was a ton of fun getting to read more about your characters – I’m SO excited about your story! It sounds like it’s going to be amazing – and the characters seem realistic to me ;). Great job! (and I had a ton of fun brainstorming with you! Thanks for letting me help 😉 )


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