When Your Friend Publishes a Book

If you’re at all in the same corner of the blogosphear that I’m in, you’ve probably seen several book releases and cover reveals in the last month or so. And if you’re anything like me, you really want to support your friends (and read their books because they look fantastic), but you have no money with which to embark on this noble endeavor. I feel you. Anyway, since I’m in the same boat, I thought I’d compile a list of stuff I do when this happens. (Do note: you can do this even if you can afford their books)

  • You can request it at your library! This might not hold true for every library, but mine at least has a way you can request specific books and they’ve always gotten them, no matter how obscure. This way, you cause someone to buy the book, you get a chance to read it, and you stick it on that library shelf for others to maybe pick up at some point.
  • You can add it on Goodreads. This only works if you have a Goodreads, obviously, but if you add it to your ‘to-read’ pile, then all your friends will see it too. I know I’ve found countless books by my friends reading or wanting to read them.
  • You can tell everybody you know about it. This is pretty self-explanatory. Word of mouth advertising is fantastic, and if you already have a reputation as a book worm with good taste, people will listen to you.
  • Related to that, you can ask for it for your birthday/Christmas/Easter/Valentines/etc. Pretty much any excuse to get presents, you can put it on your wishlist. Or you could convince a parent to get it for a sibling for their birthday, and then you can steal it when they’re done with it.
  • If you’ve read another book of theirs, review it. Goodreads, your blog (if you have one)… basically, if they’ve published other books and you’ve read them you can review it somewhere, both getting them more publicity and giving them a review (which is always welcome).
  • Participate in the blog tour. Of course, this only works if you a) have a blog and b) they’re doing a blog tour, but if you do and they are and you catch it early enough, sometimes you can sign up for doing a review and you’ll get an ARC (advance readers copy).
  • Even if they don’t do a blog tour, you can spotlight the book. You can post the cover, the blurb, and the about the author that’s probably floating around somewhere. Basically fangirl, and people will listen.
  • Share the book. Almost everyone has some sort of social media now, even if it’s just Google+. You can share the Goodreads page, the Amazon page, a blogpost about it, if anyone’s done that. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram(?), everywhere you can.

And there you have it. I haven’t actually done all this yet (shame on me, I know), but I do the library ever single time, and I’m working on the blogging stuff. So go forth! Support your friends! And buy the book, if you can. Buying the book is always a good thing. *grins*

Anymore tips to add to these? Which is your favorite?


6 thoughts on “When Your Friend Publishes a Book

  1. Oh yes, definitely to get it for a sibling and then stea…er, kindly read it to make sure it’s a good book for your older sibling to read. 😂 Other than nonstop texting your friends till they finally get the book, I think you’ve got it pretty well covered.

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