Project Canvas

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Blogs are great and all, but wouldn’t it be cool if all your favorite, most helpful blog posts, with all their unique perspectives and voices and tips were gathered together and published in one book? I would buy it. Would you? Would you want to contribute to it, if you could? You can. I am. It’s called Project Canvas.

What is it?
Project Canvas is a book, a book that’s made up of many articles from teen (or beyond, there’s no age limit) writers for teen writers. It’s like guest posting, only it’s all bound into one book. Publication’s slated for January 2018, according to their site.

Why is it?
Now that’s the really cool thing about it. Their idea behind it is this. Everybody’s different. Nobody looks at things in exactly the same way, every perspective is unique. Sure, there’s quite a bit of things that are common across all areas, but no two people do things the same way. I know I’m bits and pieces of all the people I admire, especially when it comes to writing. Project Canvas is about bringing all these perspectives together, like a published creative forum.

Why I’m doing it.
I guess a lot of the things I get into by way of blogging I can blame on Jonny. This is no exception. I first saw a post about it on Ink Blots and Coffee Stains and thought it looked cool, but there’d be no way I’d participate. What could I even say? Then Jonny mentioned it to me, trying to convince me to do it. I threw a whole slew of excuses at him. I honestly know nothing about writing. I’m still learning everything. I don’t think I could say anything of value about writing at this stage in my life.  But he convinced to at least take a look at the list of topics. I did, and before I knew it I was scrambling to write down ideas. They came so quickly. I do know some stuff. I couldn’t write a thing about plot structure, but I do know fantastic naming resources and tips. I’m intimately familiar with historical research and how to do it right. This was honestly a huge self-confidence booster for me (and a lovely source for blog inspiration when I have blogger’s block). Currently my only problem is I can’t post my article on my blog, and these are some of the best ideas I’ve had yet.

You can do it, too.
This is open to everyone. You can do it, too. They have a huge list of topics up on their site – literally everything under the sun, and you can write about anything you want, so long as it pertains to writing. There a submission form for reserving topics and everything. So shoo, go. I assure you, you will find something to write about in that list.

Here is the link to the site. I encourage you to go check it out! #projectcanvas 

Have you heard of Project Canvas before? Do you plan on doing it?


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