Which is why I have been silent for a week. After the 30k in 9 days I had no words, let alone intelligible words. But I won NaNo. *bounces* This was my third year doing it, but my first year starting with a brand new, original novel, a basic outline, and a blank page. The last two years (won ’14, didn’t make ’15) were both the same fanfiction, one that I had been steadily plugging away at since summer of ’14. I still  haven’t finished that particular one, but it’s taken a bit a back burner. Anyway. The point is, this was my first year with an original novel. Said novel is not quite finished, yet, but I am over half way there and I think I might be able to finish it before 2017.

But, since the above paragraph isn’t much for an entire post, I present to you: Things I Learned With NaNoWriMo 2016.

Number one – I cannot write romance for the life of me.
You see, the original conception of this particular story was of a romance. The idea wasn’t even mine. A friend and I came up with it together, and she was super excite about the romantic potentiality. So, for her, I tried to write it as a romance. That didn’t quite work out. It probably didn’t help that on my outline this particular part of the book was labled as “Clara and Patrick are cute together”. Thankfully, neither the plot nor anything else is dependent on the romance bit of it. The old maxim shall most likely hold true here: Once burned, twice cautious.

Number two – I love to tell stories.
Hang on, you might be thinking, you’ve clearly been writing for a while, why would you only now just realize this? It’s true, I should probably have figured this out years ago. But this past year I’ve started wondering why I write. What’s the point? I was resistant to the idea of sitting down at my computer and typing. But now… I realized, halfway through the month, that I love to tell stories. That’s why I write. I love the story, I love making the stories in my head come alive on paper.

Number three – to pray over my stories.
It’s something I’ve been seeing a lot of ever since I joined the OYAN facebook group. People talking about praying over their stories, praying about their stories… pretty much prayer and story being put together. I had honestly never thought about it. I’ve always been really bad about remembering to pray and ask for help, but half way through NaNo, while I had writer’s block and nothing seemed to be going right, I remembered something someone had said months ago about praying over their story, and I did. Everything went so much more smoothly. I got in the habit of actually writing out my prayer in my document every day before I started writing and… honestly, this is one of those things that I don’t know how to describe. It’s ineffable, but in a quiet way.

Number four – sleep deprivation is a real thing.
You see stuff about it, posts on tumblr and other places, but yeah, surprisingly enough, it is a very, very real thing. To the point of literally falling asleep in the middle of a conversation. Don’t get 5 hours of sleep every night for 30 days. 10/10 do not recommend.

And that’s it. Four things I have learned through this NaNo. If you did NaNo, how did it go? Was there anything new that you learned?


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