NaNoWriMo // Week One

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NaNoWriMo has begun! This week has probably been one of the best weeks I’ve had, word-and-story-wise, in months, if not years. Even past NaNoWriMos.

November 1st // Tuesday

Words written: 5,020

I participated in Abigayle (The Left-handed Typist)’s 5k1day challenge, and I made it! The word-warring with new friends in the google hangout (now turned NaNo-cabin) for it was amazing. I found many new blogs to stalk and got much words written. *nods*

November 2nd // Wednesday

Words written: 2,443

Not nearly as many as Tuesday, but considering I spent the afternoon working, and most of the morning on school work, I’d say I did fairly well. I word-warred against Jonny (Fishing for Ideas) and won. I am pleased with this fact.

November 3rd // Thursday

Words written: 2,568

I HIT 10K!!! MyWriteClub is amazing. It has a word sprint option where you can write in the site itself with your friends, and each person will have a little bar next to their profile, and you watch as the word counts go up and up and up. It’s amazingly motivating. I have discovered that I can, in fact, write over 1k in 25 minutes.

November 4th // Friday

Words written: 2,087

I don’t remember much writing-wise about Friday. I was enjoying writing my story, but losing a bit of steam. Still managed to break through 2k that day.

November 5th & 6th // Saturday & Sunday

Words written: 58

I officially lost steam on Saturday. Or rather, I was dumb and picked up a new book. And finished critiquing an entire novel. And babysat. And went to church. In fact, the only reason I wrote words at all is because I kinda-sorta-maybe want to get that little “updated word count 30 days in a row” badge on the NaNo site… the past two times I’ve done NaNo I’ve been at a no-wifi youth retreat a few of the days of November, and therefore have never been able to get that badge. I think I might actually make Saturday and Sunday (or at least Sunday), my days of NaNo-rest. Time to read a good book and catch up on stuff I let slide through the week. I know I’m a whole lot more refreshed now because I rested then.

November 7th // Monday (Today)

Words written (so far): 1,826

Word crawls, as I have said before, are amazing. I’m doing the Hamilton one today (here’s a link). I’m not very far into it, and I really want to break 15k before tonight, but neither do I want to leave this blog post for the last minute. I’ll probably say how it went next post.

So that was my first week of NaNo. All in all, I like to think I did fairly well, with a (current) total of 14,002 words and counting. How’s NaNo coming for you?




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