A New Baby

Don’t you love the feeling when you get a new story idea, and you actually have the freedom to write it? The delight as the characters begin to reveal themselves to you piece by piece, the excitement as you follow the plot line in your head and discover what happens next. The ‘ah-ha’ moment when you find what drives your character? I got to experience all that for the first time this past month and it was amazing.

The first inklings I had were in the early summer. I figured out that if you took a drink of ice-cold smoothie and then breathed on your hand, your breath came out cold. A ready-made sentence popped into my head

“He took a long sip of his smoothie, then leaned forward to whisper in my ear. I shuttered at his cool breath on my neck”

Obviously, I jotted them down. That was that, for a bit, but over the summer it was hovering in the back of my mind. I definitely knew it had something to do with a road trip, and I was going to write this book some day.

Then, the first week of September, I started school again. Now, for my writing program, I use something called the One Year Adventure Novel, OYAN for short. I did it last year, too, but never completed it (not to mention that poor book is so full of plot holes), so I’m doing it again this year. This is my chance to write the Smoothie Story! I thought, as I tried to come up with a novel to do for it.

After that, I lived and breathed the novel. And now I’m going to tell you about it.

This is Nina.

Chressida is introduced in the second book but is impassive to the oncoming storm. In the third book however she realizes how much they'd helped and decides to aid them in their battle against the High Rulers.:

She’s the MC. To me she’s the most real of my characters that I’ve ever created for an original novel. She’s the first one that has lived and breathed for me. Or rather, I should say, she’s the first main character, the first POV characters. My allies and side characters have always seemed more real until now.

She’s an only child who lives with her parents. Her dad’s a lawyer, her mom’s… I haven’t actually figured out what her mom does yet. But these are just the externals. She hates injustice and wants to stand up for those no one’s standing up for, but when it comes to her own life, to her own friends, peer pressure gets to her and she ends up going along with the flow, even if they’re talking about or doing things that she knows are wrong. She doesn’t care what strangers think, but she cares deeply about what those close to her think.

Her story opens with a car crash, a car crash that her dad is in. And he doesn’t make it. Over the course of the next few days Nina realizes that there might be something more to the crash, that it wasn’t just a freak road accident. She is just going to present her findings to someone who can do something about them when her mom disappears. What follows is a mad chase across the country, dragging her older godbrother along as chauffeur, to find and rescue her mother.

That’s as much as I know so far, plot wise. I know the showdown will take place in Kansas City, and I know the smoothie scene will happen. I’m still feeling my way with this, and I took almost a month break from it as other things started pressuring in.  But the characters are wandering through my head, I’m discovering new layers to them every day. *bounces* I can’t wait to write this one.


7 thoughts on “A New Baby

  1. You have some unique details and fun elements to draw readers into your storyline,! Good luck with this story blossoming into a full book. I think having pictures in your mind is a very wonderful gift from your Muse! 🙂


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