Here we goooooooooooooo!


I have decided to start a blog. Do I have time for this?

But I’m doing it anyway. I need accountability for my writing, and , if I ever decide to get published, having a blog to shove at editors/publishing people (strictly in the politest sense, of course) is probably a good thing. Pulse I can advertise my friend’s stuff.

So you’re probably wondering who’s writing this at you. Or, more likely, you’re a friend or family member that I shoved the link at and begged you to take a look. Either way I’ll do a brief introduction. I’m a fifteen year old Orthodox Christian who loves to write and read and think. If you want to know anything else, look up there. *points to ‘This Is Me’*

I’m completely new to this blogging thing. So far all I have is a vague list of ideas for things to post about and a tag-thing that a friend tagged me in almost a year ago. I have stalked various friends blogs to see how they run them, but I am still feeling my way through all this, and this blog is currently under construction, new parts being added daily.

That’s all I can think of to say for now, so, until next Monday, have a moose.


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